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Founded in 2000, GP&P Co., Ltd is a healthcare service company.

The company offers medical solutions to enhance the public health service over a decade.

As we are one of the strongest cardiac PACS Company in domestic,

we are looking forward next challenges globally that we believe GP&P would play an integral role in global nations,

carrying our unique vision for its future.


At the beginning, we have succeeded in developing, and commercializing Cine ANGIO PACS software based on DICOM.

Based on our first product, GP&P takes the first step into the medical solution business field with courage and hope.


Our first product ‘DCAS-GP2004’ has developed for archiving DICOM images, through a local network,

from modalities that the DICOM images are sent and saved at the database server.

This database server is linked to patient information database server for an efficient searching and saving for users.

Especially, the actual users (physicians) are involved during program development;

therefore, ‘DCAS-GP2004’ has received a favorable review as the most efficient CINE PACS program in Korea.


Today as technology develops time by time; our product goal also has evolved not only following technical trends

but also overruns technical trends. To lead medical solution business, ‘DCAS i system’ have developed.

It is to connect people and organizations efficiently in order to enhance the public health service better than before.


The program constructed based on the web, that user can search and send images anytime anywhere without any delay.

Also, the program is optimized for your mobile devices, such as i-pad, which will free the user from a location.

GP&P is a small company but each member is strong

and their devoted heart on the company led the 16 billion of the total sales annually,

as a result. The company develops step by step as overcoming new challenges.


We promise to offer customer best quality of medical IT solution products and services.



About Us CEO Message History Partnership Certifications Location
About Us CEO Message History Partnership Certifications Location
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